Monday 11 June 2007


Yesterday MrM and I went to visit the grave of a dear friend who died recently.

He lived in idyllic Dorchester-on-Thames

St. Birinus came to Dorchester in 635 and baptised the pagan king Cynegils of Wessex.

After that he decided to stay - and I can understand that.

The Abbey contains many treasures including a memorial to William de Valance the younger who died in a skirmish in 1282.

His feet have rested on his loyal dog for 725 years.

We were shown this sad epitaph to Sarah Fletcher who died "a martyr to Excessive Sensibility". I am thinking that if I discovered MrM remarrying bigamously I might feel excessively sensible but I am not sure if I would rush home and hang myself with a handkerchief.

MrM possibly.

It is a beautiful village and we considered selling Chez Magpie immediately.

But it would have been too far for MrM to commute.

So we stopped for tea in the shadow of the Abbey tower.

And then we went home.

Rob would not have approved - he was a Guinness and cigar man.

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Anonymous said...

So happy that you are blogging!! :) Just got back from camping and the garden needs some attention! But I will most definately be back to check out your blog. It'll be nice to get a window into your world.