Wednesday 20 June 2007

Stir with a Knife, Stir up Strife.

MasterM is deeply troubled by this blog.

carving knife - sharpened theatrically by MrM on Sundays

"I think that it is very worrying.

First of all because you said that you would NEVER do a blog"

bread knife - a gift when I went to university in 1981

"And also because it is weird"

heritage cheese knife c1950 with horn handle

"Why is it weird?"

bagel knife - bought at Amish market in Lancaster County - much loved

"Because you are putting all that stuff on the Internet."

"OK - talk to me about Facebook and your 356 friends"

tomato knife - used only by MrM

"That's not weird. That's normal"


countrymousie said...

Hi - just found you - wonderful photo's.
True story I am afraid about the erring friend in Suffolk. You better get yourself down here. mousie

blackbird said...

Well these knives are freaking ME out.

Alice said...

Keep writing, you're pictures are great! Tell him to deal, it's a girl thing.

oh, and the knifes are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I love the knives! and MrM sounds, I'm afraid, very much like my own MrB, as it were.

Someone said it's a girl thing?

That's usually a good answer. I think I'll use it if the need arises.