Wednesday 13 June 2007

This is not a craft blog.

I can sew

and I can knit.

I do sew

and I do knit.

I have a particular penchant for complicated patterns that take ages and ages.

But if you are waiting for me to show you a patchwork quilt

don't hold your breath.

You are probably going to die first.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm jealous. I cross-stitch too. I have quite a few large ones that took me years to complete, and that was before children. Maybe I'll take some pics and post about it sometime. My knitting is being sadly neglected with spring chores and summer looming. I imagine I'll have to relearn come winter.

alice c said...

FM - don't feel sad about your knitting - it will wait patiently until the end of the summer - just like everyone elses. I think that it is the process rather than the end result that I enjoy.
I would love to see pictures of your cross stitch work one day tho'.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful handwork, magpie!

And to farm mom: my knitting is waiting for me as well, in the basket I put it in in April, in the room in which I put the basket.
One good thing about knitting is that it never moves around and gets lost on you!

And to alice: About the process rather than the end result (of knitting) that you enjoy: isn't that the truth? I use the multi colored hand dyed yarns that some talented artist has created, and then I knit and/or purl leisurely, enjoying the surprise of the fabric that's created. The process, yes indeed.