Thursday 28 June 2007

Paws for Thought

Make time for yourself.

Allow yourself the space to relax.

Express your inner child.

Love Poppy x

(Yo! Ginger!)


Anonymous said...

Poppy-Wow! Is that what grass is supposed to look like? Mine's brown (and it's not my fault either!)Lucky Dog! - Ginger ;)

Anonymous said...

pssssttt...hey poppy, it's me, Angie. You are one smart pup because you have computer skills even I lack! How did you do that? Make a link to ginger's post without actually having to type out the whole http nonsense? (a big plus when you have paws I'm sure.) I'd love to be able to just have the word, say Alice, that people could click on and get to this webpage, but I don't know how to do it! Instead I'm writing out the whole link for everyone to see...I know, old fashioned. I'm hoping you take pity on this country hick human and show me how! Whatcha think? I may be able to bribe Alice into giving you an extra treat or something....'cmon...don't make me beg! :)