Thursday 14 June 2007

The regrettable incident of the Pick Up Sticks

In nice families

Pick Up Sticks is a gentle game

which they play after lunch on Sundays.

MasterM is very competitive.

MasterM does not like losing.

Pick Up Sticks are sharp and pointy.

At both ends.

Pick Up Sticks are banned in ChezMagpie.

We have encouraged him to play Chess.

You can't do much damage with a pawn.


Stay at home dad said...

You could swallow it, or step on it, I suppose, but no, it's not possible to do much damage with it.

I love your perfectly illustrated stories, although without broadband (I know) it is a challenging process!

Anonymous said...

He could throw it!! Watch out! :)

alice c said...

SAHD - Thanks for stopping by. I know about the non-broadband thing - we have only just had it installed - our previous computer was second hand when Noah landed the ark. It is great fun loading up all the pics but I am sure the novelty will wear off.

FM - you don't know how true that is. Monopoly is also banned because you can do a lot of damage with a little metal dog. You have got all this fun to come.


blackbird said...

Those sticks would look pretty in a glass.
On a shelf.
Up high.

Anonymous said...

Thats not a pawn its a statue of Poppy. why was it pulled over Saddam style?

dottycookie said...

This really made me laugh. Pick up stick wars - could catch.

I am loving reading through your archives. Your writing is wonderfully individual.