Saturday 5 April 2008

The Facts of Life

Visit to Dentist 2007

What did the dentist say to you?
She said my teeth were perfect and...
And what?
She asked me if I was flossing.
What's flossing?
Welcome to the adult world.
Once a year you will go to the dentist
and she will ask you if you floss.
And you will say 'Yes!'
- even though it is not true -
And then you will buy some floss
And for the next two weeks you will be very good

And then you will forget all about it.

Visit to Dentist 2008

What did the dentist say to you?
She asked me if I was flossing.
What did you say?
I couldn't say anything...
I was laughing too much.


Ali said...

Maternal wisdom is a valuable gift.

Anonymous said...

It's all so true!

blackbird said...

I call bullshit on flossing.
Once you start you need to do it all the time. If you never do it than nothing can get in between your teeth and flossing is unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

lucky that floss does not come with a use by date.

dottycookie said...

Ha! My father is (was) a dentist, and he doesn't floss, so there.

Ginnie said...

For anyone who remembers the Soupy Sales Show (60's kids' TV show): he used to say, "Be true to your teeth, and they won't be false to you."

I'm pro-flossing.

RW said...

ugh. I just confess straight away before the look inside my mouth... I don't floss - because I know they will be able to tell and I can't stand having the conversation at the end of the appointment. i hate going to the dentist more than just about anything else.

dragonfly said...

Hee hee, I love your honesty about the dishonesty of flossing! I have a whole drawer of flossing aids, interdental brushes and such like that get used regularly for about...3 days.
And how come you only get to go once a year? I have to lie through my teeth, about my teeth, twice a year!

Alice said...

I agree fully, but then I found disposable flossers, I keep them in my car and floss whilst driving....
Think about it.

carrie said...

Oh, yes! :)