Sunday 6 April 2008

Snow in April

Unexpected snow,
which falls so thick, so fast.

The Tree Paeony, broken by the weight,
will not flower this year.

Ah! The grief of it.


Anonymous said...

MrM on the other hand whilst acknowledging the sad outcome of the snow is really really grateful that it did not snow yesterday and thus make it difficult to beat the French/Catalans.

We are on our way to Twickenham (and thence with more good fortune to Cardiff). MrsM had a good day out yesterday but today is today and the snow has arrived. It gathers in great clumps on a cocker spaniel so it looks as if she has snow shoes on.

dragonfly said...

So, you were out there too snapping away in despair!
I didn't plagiarise your post, promise!

Anonymous said...

Fancy it being so brutal when it looks so very pretty.

dottycookie said...

Yes, it stayed long enough here to wreck the magnolias (or maybe that was yesterday's hail) and then was gone too soon for the children to get out in it much.

blackbird said...

I love that Mr. M - or rather mrm is over there talking about the Catalans. And the spaniel.

It had better not get any ideas of snowing over here - K has done an enormous amount of yard work, the bluebells are up and the peonies just sprouting.

Alice said...

oh no!
thats my greatest worry right now, i'm so sorry!

Ginnie said...

This is exactly why my snow shovel is still parked outside the back door, instead of going to live in the basement just yet. It's keeping the snow away.

I'm so sorry about your beautiful garden! But you gathered a gorgeous bouquet of pictures.