Sunday 20 April 2008

A Pink Balloon

Yesterday we went to a Rugby match with a difference.
Guinness, the sponsors of the national Premiership,
had organised a weekend in support of
Breast Cancer Care
It gave publicity and fundraising opportunities
for this worthwhile charity among the thousands of supporters
who attended all the Premiership games
and those who watched on television.
The match officials and the mascots were dressed in pink
and the supporters had an eye watering collection
of pink hats, wigs and costumes.

As the balloons went up
my thoughts were with Whymommy
who has come to the end of her treatment
for Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
She has undergone chemotherapy,
a double mastectomy
and radiotherapy.
At every stage her courage
and the knowledge that she has so much to live for
has carried her through the pain
and been an inspiration to all who read her blog.

And now she has great news.
Go, Whymommy, Go!!!


blackbird said...

What a good thing to read today.

carolyn said...

Wonderful news!
( As for wallflowers I have to confess that I just leave them in year after year, and yes they do look a bit tatty in the Summer, but they have flowered every Spring for about 5 years now and they self seed.)

dottycookie said...

That is good news.

Can you imagine the level of squeaking here when my two saw the balloons? "Pink Rugby! Mummy, can we go?"

See what you've done?!

Eleanor said...

Thank you for sharing this very good news.

I am learning more about the blogging community every is indeed a powerful source of support and celebration of life.

Mary said...

That is indeed a very good thing to read.

whymommy said...

Oh, thank you!