Sunday 27 April 2008

MrM - Computer Guru

Shutter Sisters is one of my favourite blogs. It has wonderful photographs, interesting perspectives on photography and thoughtful comments.

This post talks about backing up your photographs on a regular basis to avoid catastrophic loss if your computer crashes.

I am very fortunate because MrM is conscientious about this and our computer is backed up regularly to an external hard drive.

MasterM knows what it is like to lose your photographs because his laptop crashed with a whole summer of photographs from South Africa irretrievably gone. He had backed them up to his iPod but they were saved as thumbnails and the retrieved images were very low resolution.

Fortunately, MrM had made a CD with a selection of the best photographs to circulate to grandparents. Wonderful MrM saves the day - again.

I have decided that I am going to print off the best of my photographs from 2007 and make an album. I have bought the album - now all I need to do is stick in the photographs.

I may be gone a little while.


Anonymous said...

Once learnt, please pass your photo sticking technique and skills back to Mrs GMS. This will enable release of 40 years of shoe boxes, which can then be slowly refilled.

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are beautiful.

What a good idea to pick out your favorites for the year and put them into an album.

That idea may help me tackle my load of photographs, currently housed in a series of boxes spread throughout the house.

Mary said...

I cannot believe that you do not have the equivalent to our retail chain Camera Houses.

I take a CD along - plug it into their machine - pick and choose titles, cover colours etc et voila - in an hour or so I have a hard covered album of my photos - no sticking required. I now have colour coded albums for each of the kids and one for J & I.

And I back the computer up too!

Anonymous said...

Mary - I live here and I didn't know that!!

There is a certain joy to flipping through the pages of an album, rather than the screen of a computer.

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with that PMP.
You never know when electronic technologies will become obsolete.
Printed paper is still pretty fashionable since Gutenberg started the craze !

blackbird said...

It's handy if one person in a marriage is good about the backing up of things.
That's what marriage is all about.

Aren't I philosophical today?
(I didn't go to church.)

. said...

Mr DC is very diligent about photo backups too - to the extent that he also burns them to CD and stores copies at my parents' house in case ours burns down. I kid you not.

Photobox will print a very lovely album from your photos for you, which can save on photo corners. For a supposedly crafty person I am particularly rubbish at photo albums/scrapbooks.

dottycookie said...

Sorry, tiny dot lady is back again :-(