Monday 7 April 2008

Spring Vanities

Spring Vanities

Stored twisted in the atelier of winter,
crushed by the white spring snows,
it is displayed, pressed and pleated,
for my pleasure.

taffeta, tussah, shantung

This, the acid green,
beaded with morning mist,
fringed, tasselled, embellished,
I consider.

sateen, cretonne, chenille

How quickly the ochre and tawny brown
have been discarded, shabby in the bright light.
And yet, even as I smile, I plan
my fall collection.

hessian, worsted, tweed


thomas said...

Your choice of words is remarkable and very perceptive. Thank you also for the London Irish hats the otheer day. I am glad they won and hope they progress further!

Ali said...

Beautiful Alice. But now I need to google tussah, because I have no idea what it is.
Always an education stopping by here...

Ginnie said...

I agree with Thomas and Ali - and I also had to look up atelier. Clearly I have a lot to learn about fashion!

blackbird said...

I'm smiling...

Tracy said...

Lovely post, ever you leave us with a big smile! :o) Happy week to you & yours ((HUGS))

Allison said...

Really wonderful Your writing is fresh and light and new, like SPRING!

Anonymous said...

Please may I place my order now for a copy of the first limited edition of "The Collected Magpie Poems".
Suitably bound in Morocco leather with marbled endplates and of course personally signed by the authoress.

Unknown said...

Lovely words, conjuring images and textures perfectly.

Ali Honey said...

Beautiful words about a new sprig of leaves on a flowering currant bush I think? Ah what a shade of green!