Thursday 17 April 2008

Mount Etna

Mount Etna is a serious volcano

Picture courtesy of MasterM
It is 3,326 m (10,910 ft)high and it erupts.

No mucking around on Etna, please.
You should wear the appropriate clothes

and approach the summit with caution.

Oh dear, we don't have the right shoes,

we only have one brown cashmina scarf between us,

and MasterM has run out of Percy Pigs...

Never mind, we got there!

MrM decides to buy some honey to celebrate;

Who is going to tell him that
he can't take it back through Airport Security?


Mary said...

is that a photo of you I spy? Is that how you have "outed" yourself?

How excellent if so! And how happy you look!

dottycookie said...

Ah! We can seeee yoooou!

Lovely photos of mountains and of all of you. You're right about Master M's photos - absolutely stunning.

dragonfly said...

I'd be devastated to run out of Percy Pigs too!
And I'm a secret honey smuggler...

Anonymous said...

Is this another smelly place? All sulphur-y, I would imagine.

How exciting to climb a volcano and sneakily reveal yourself on your blog. (or is mary leading us all astray?)

Eleanor said...

Percy Pigs!! I cannot believe this. I never thought I would ever read about Percy Pigs on anyone's blog. You see, my parents lived in London for about 5 years when my kids were younger...We used to visit every year and Percy Pigs were a major highlight. I still dream of Percy Pigs. My kids remember the Percy Pigs (not Buckingham Palace, not the Tower of London). Need I gone on? This is just hysterical!!!!

Oh how I miss M&S.

blackbird said...

Some strict security man will have a nice breakfast with that honey. For dinner he's having the sausage we were told we could bring home.

Tracy x said...

to go on a long journey without an adequate supply of the pink goodness that calls itself Percy.......

tut tut

make a dash to the good old M&S right now and while you are there could you pick me up some of their chocolate covered raspberries?

t x

driftwood said...

and I thought it was kendal mint cake that was the preferred sweet snack of mountaineers, now I know otherwise!
great photo Master M - thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I was doing OK on my diet until I read this post and comments. Now I'm craving PPs,chocolate covered raspberries and Kendal mint cake. (Now there's an interesting combination of flavours and textures).

Amy A. said...

Awesome pictures!

carrie said...

You're beautiful standing on the mountaintop with your children!