Friday 20 June 2008

5 Reasons to watch "I am Cuba"

Good Reasons

To admire the extraordinary cinematography

To learn about Communism and the Cuban Revolution

Less Good Reasons

To impress your friends
who have been watching flimsy rubbish
such as 'Sex and the City'

To sing Cuban revolutionary songs
and annoy your father

Bad reasons

To watch your mother
putting on hand cream and then say

'Your hands were made for the plough
...not for killing...'


blackbird said...

Because your mother dated Francis Ford Coppola in college and you have very mixed feelings about them breaking up.

Melody said...

I think I'd rather see this than SATC....just between you and I!

Anonymous said...

I should see this? It sounds thought provoking and substantial. Why have I not heard of this moofie? I appreciate theheads up, thanks!

Can Bass 1 said...

I feel rather out-of-touch with all things kinematographic. Do you know, the last film that I saw was 'Brief Encounter'? (I was underage at the time, too - I went for the music!)

Anonymous said...

How pertinent. I've just come back from Prague and found it very aging to realise that I had more experience of communism (albeit of the very limited tourist variety) than the teenagers serving me coffee. Anyway, I've become fascinated by the rise and fall of communism and even dug out some of my school history books, now I can add "I am Cuba" to my resources list!

dottycookie said...

Because you harbour a secret desire to visit Havana?

Gina said...

Because we were in Havana this year and found the whole experience amazing.

Limecat said...

I'd love to say that to my mother, but since she has probably used some form of a plough to excess it might fall a bit flat.

I'm still going to say it though (but under my breath in case she hears me).