Thursday 5 June 2008

Advice to Teenage Boys

If you are going to phone your mother

and ask her to drive a long way
at the end of a long day

(oh, and could she bring some food
for The Way because
you are STARVING)

because you have decided to come home to revise

make sure that you are wearing the right T Shirt.

MasterM is delighted with his bulk order of T Shirts
from Local Celebrity
which was personally delivered by a kind aunt
making a very short trip from the States.


Anonymous said...

My teen-aged nephew loves those Local Celebrity t-shirts, too. I think they're hilarious.

I like the one that says, "I've Got a Black Belt in Keepin' it Real."

I think they need ones that say, "As Seen in the Blogosphere" OR "Local Blog Celebrity."

Mary said...

I have seen a vision of the future. The near future.

And it ain't pretty.

Anonymous said...

Loads of hassle sorting out these t-shirts. Am glad that they have been put to good use. My father even went to the step of providing Google Earth satellite images of the delivery address in the US so that they could be delivered to the right place.

The customer service email address is somewhat unusual at Local Celebrity by the way. If you have had occasion to use it you will know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Is that what you call a lot of T-shirts gathered together - a grip? A grip of t-shirts. Hmmm. OK.

Unknown said...

great t-shirts but the last one is definitely the best :o)

. said...

Fabulous T shirts. I'd look remarkably silly in them though.

Hope the revision is going well - ugh.

Anonymous said...

kids... one they, when they too have children, the penny will drop.

Ah, so my old mum wasn't so bad after all...

Anonymous said...

I find myself often reading chests of random people in the supermarket - then feeling kind of creepy for doing it...

blackbird said...

Ah, yes, the ironic tee shirt phase.
Youngest has just entered it.

Oh, and, I HAVE a black belt in keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

Ciute shirts I like the respect your mother one! ;)

Lynn said...

I wasn't familiar with these t-shirts! Ah, so much to learn before my people hit teendom. For now, we're still navigating tweendom and threedom.

And yes, I need the Respect Your Mother model, in a variety of sizes.

BreadBox said...

I have to say that my personal favourite of their shirts is the "This is only a test" pattern:-)