Sunday 1 June 2008

Raspberry Trifle

What is THAT?

Well, it's Raspberry Trifle

We only have Mango Trifle.
It's a family tradition

Well, I thought we could have
Raspberry Trifle in the summer
and Mango Trifle in the winter

We would have to agree on the changeover day.

When the clocks go forward?

That's very early for a summer trifle

The Summer Solstice?

That's a bit late really

Do you think it is ...a bit...
you know...suggestive?

I give in.
No more Raspberry Trifle.

The moral of this story is:
Family Traditions Are Not Always A Good Thing


dottycookie said...

I don't think I would give in - if everyone else objects to raspberry trifle, that means all the more for you!

Anonymous said...

Family traditions are fine - it's incredibly articulate children that are your problem!

Anonymous said...

So very, very funny ... a changeover day! Any trifle at all is a fabulous idea at any time of the year. I am so glad to be back to visiting blogs (especially yours) and writing once again ... such a long winter!

BreadBox said...

Ah, silver dragees. Can't buy them here: they're banned, dontchaknow...

Beautiful shot.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Mangoes are a summer fruit (here, anyway) and raspberries, a winter. So it would not work for us. I am not a fan of the rasp, anyway ;)

Now, I have a hankering for trifle.

Anonymous said...

Breadbox - why are they banned?

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

They might be banned because of something in them? I bought them for the ring cupcakes I made (photos on my blog) and they were very expensive, and it also said not to eat them. But we ate them anyway.

What a lovely Raspberry Trifle. We have raspberries AND leftover silver dragees and, so I may have to 'borrow' your idea. :)

Dani said...

California is always the first to ban just about anything, even when they can't prove it's bad yet. There's one CA lawyer who believes that your body will store the minute amounts of silver that's in those balls. Silver is a neurotoxin in large quantities.

Beautiful cake. Raspberry sounds great to me!

Anonymous said...

I know them as cachou , I wonder if we have them here, still. We did, a few months back. I will look actually, as if they are going to be taken off the market I will have some in my pantry. Thanks for explaining, people. Appreciated.

Ali said...

No,no,no - winter is Banana and Stem Ginger Trifle.

I love those silver balls - if they are going to ban them, I'd better get stockpiling.

dragonfly said...

You can't dangle carrots like that with no recipes. The raspberry one looks delicious...

Lazylol said...

That is interesting about the silver balls (sorry we only ever called them that!) I've eaten lots of them over the years and I'm still alive lol.
I fancy making a trifle now, we always had trifle on Sundays when I was a kid.
Fancy sharing your trifle recipe? I'm always interested to see what goes in them, there are so many different combinations. I'm curious about the mango one, sounds delicious!

Mary said...

Sounds like you might be sharing a trifle recipe with us forthwith.

As we all go about stockpiling silver balls!!

carolyn said...

Gosh my lot would have just devoured the trifle without thinking, greedy blighters.

Melody said...

Okay. I am hungry now for some swwet dessert. Mango or raspberry I don't care. I go for either.

Anonymous said...

Ok that trifle looks so good!
I think you might have to post the recipe!! My sister-in law makes a trifle with brownies and candybars. It's really good!

I don't think we have the silver balls here in Maryland. I will have to look.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember a traditional family story which goes as follows:-
"Mum, what's for pudding?"
"Fruit, jelly, custard, cream,a few macaroons and topped with glace cherries".
GMS: "Ah, a mere trifle!"

So that's one recipe.

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your raspberry trifle, with the tiny silver balls.

PS--Your children are hilarious.

Gina said...

I'm voting for the raspberry trifle - it looks delicious! Although perhaps you could have both?

Unknown said...

they should be jolly grateful - mine would be amazed to get trifle of any sort but would probably not eat it anyway - if yours won't eat this save me a dish and I'll be round in a couple of hours :o)