Wednesday 4 June 2008

The Tapas Meme

I am so ASHAMED...
I have been tagged for so many memes
over the past couple of months
that I have lost track of who, when and what.
It has been WEIGHING upon me
I thought that the only solution
to this EMBARASSING problem
would be to do a mixed selection;
rather like a table of Spanish tapas.

Lina wants me to expose 6 unspectular quirks
I can't even think of one
I so admire quirky people.
I aspire to quirkiness.
but QuirksRNotMe.

Not a good start.

Moving on...

Dottycookie did the 4 x 4 meme
and I thought it would be fun
to think about films I want to watch again
so I can find out what happened
Men of Honour
MrM watched this in little bits on Sky
and I have never worked out which order they go in.

The Quiet Man
will MasterM really leap up
and throw the TV out of the window
to make it more interesting?

Picnic at Hanging Rock
I have only watched it 9 time
and I am minded to get to double figures.

Moving on...

Angie asked me to do a meme months ago
and I can't even remember which one.
Shall we pretend it was the book one?
So lets find the nearest book and go to page 123.
Oh no! It is a huge French dictionary
and there are NO page numbers.
Let's open it at random
(no - can't have that page - not comfortable with accents)
cauchemardesque - Nightmarish - great word!!
(I think I am going to drop that into conversation at least once today)

Moving on...

The Flickr photo meme
Everyone is doing the Flickr photo meme
and I am feeling so left out.
Joleo is only just back from holiday and SHE has done it.
Obviously it would help if I had a Flickr account.
Flickr? Who needs Flickr when you only have 5,500 photos
per year? You can organise them easily by numbers.
I want you to know that if I did do the Flickr meme
Nick Kennedy would be my celebrity crush.
I admit that he is not a celebrity - yet
but as Quilting Bebbs will confirm
he has

Are there other memes that I have missed?
And lovely people who have tagged me?
I am so sorry if I have forgotten.
I appreciate that you busy, busy people of Blogland
do not want to fritter your time away
reading lightweight posts like this
there are socks to be knitted
and eggs to be boiled in Pig shapes
(Sorry Ali - couldn't resist that)

Oh! I have just remembered the last one...
What was I doing ten years ago?
I salute Dragonfly for her courageous honesty
I was probably wondering what to have for supper.
No change there.


Fairlie - said...

Oh Alice...sometimes your posts just make me laugh so much! Thanks for a good chuckle this morning. (Although it's lucky I even read the words, distracted as I was by all those scrumptious looking tapas.)

blackbird said...


Mary said...

I am not starving.

I am replete.

This was such a satisfying post.

Melody said...


I so know what you mean. I get tagged for things and then rarely do them. I am bad.

That food looks magnificent. *drool*

Eleanor said...

"Picnic At Hanging Rock"! All right!!!

That was delicious, says she as she demurely pats her lips with a serviette and reapplies her make-up. Thanks Alice!

Anonymous said...

I'll join you for supper - looks much better than anything I could conjure!

PS re:Titanic. I have a 'til death pact with my sister that we will NEVER watch that movie. (It sinks...)

Anonymous said...

The best bit in MoH of course is when Robert de Niro says, " Give me 10, Cookie !" and one is never sure if Cuba Gooding will stagger across the courtroom floor in a full divers suit. Sounds a bit like blogtalk really.

On the subject of tapas I strongly advise everyone to steer well clear of a dish called 'callos'. Turned out to be tripe.

Unknown said...

DD1 Sarah (of great rugby love!) was looking over my shoulder as I clicked on the picture link - her response was pure Leslie Phillips 'Well Hello!' Not bad Alice, could give Olly Barclay a run for his money any time :o) Thanks for pointing him out to me - I shall watch with interest

Anonymous said...

The tapas look magnificent...except for that one with the octopus.

I'd have to pass on that.

FYI, I think you handled the Meme crisis very efficiently.

driftwood said...

what a great way of dealing with all those memes!

Anonymous said...

picture 3 of course confirms the meaning of the word Tapas. They were meant to be lids to cover the copita of Jerez in dusty Andalucia.

dragonfly said...

Alice, you even make being tagged original! Like Fairlie said, I laughed, not so much at the answers but your style! If I didn't know you in person, I'd think you were quite mad! You're not of course!
And I will graciously accept your salute - there is not so much courage here, mainly sadness...

Allison said...

OK, not so nice to make the preggo girl dream of Tappas when it is only 10:30 over here! You are too funny. I don't have a flickr account either. BUMMER.

BreadBox said...

cauchemardesque? C'est formidable!
I will definitely have to adopt the word;-)