Friday 17 October 2008

MissM visits the Floating World

Today, MissM flies to Japan for ten days.

She will see Mount Fuji,

Hokusai ~ Mount Fuji in Clear Weather

wonder at the busy Japanese cities,

Hiroshige ~ Sugura street

eat sushi,

Hiroshige ~ Bowl of Sushi

admire precious kimonos,

Hokusai ~ Oiran and Kamuro

visit shrines,

Hiroshige ~ Pilgrimage to the Cave Shrine of Benzaiten

and have a hundred and one

Hokusai ~ Ocean waves

new experiences.

Hiroshige ~ Travellers on a Mountain path at night

And then, like a swallow,
she will come home
to tell us all about it.

Hiroshige ~ Swallow and Peach Flowers with a Full Moon

Please wave to her as she flies overhead.


Quinn said...

"Ocean Waves" is breath-taking! - Such drama!

Pleasant journeys, Miss M :)

M said...

I just love that japanese art. Reminds me of japanese stories that were read to me as a child.

I hope Miss M has a fabulous time.

Lynn said...

Miss M is livin' the life. Hope she has a grand adventure!

Anonymous said...

She could also buy lots of beautiful fabrics.

Hope she has a ball!

Unknown said...

Lucky girl - suppose it's too late to offer to carry her bags then :o)

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time Miss M.

Gina said...

I hope Miss M has a wonderful time and comes home with fabulous stories to share. Have a safe and happy trip Miss M.

Joanne said...

ah sugoi ne... I just came back and I'm still jealous.

walter and me said...

Happy times, MissM!

Melody said...

Ooo lovely. Hope Miss M has a wonderful time away.

dottycookie said...

How exciting! Hope it all goes wonderfully well.

Ali said...

Subarashii desu ne! What a wonderful opportunity. We used to be able to see Fuji-sama from our apartment window (only in Winter though - too much pollution in the summer).

It's a fantastic time of year to visit - hope she captures lots of autumn leaves. They are stunning.

My verification word is 'yeauf' - it's a precious thing. Glad Miss M is making the most of hers.

The Coffee Lady said...

Your blog just takes my breath away every single day. How lucky your family are to have this record of their lives to look back on.

Those pictures are beautiful, just lovely. Do you live in an art shop?!

Anonymous said...

Have fun MissM. I hope you bring some pictures back!( Don't drop your camera) :)
You will have the time of your life!

Anonymous said...

So young, and already she is Miss M, World Traveler.

...While I am Ms. E, Pastry Eater.

Eleanor said...

I think your blogging style is actually quite Japanese. There is a simple, exact elegance in your photographs and words.

So now I'm wondering whether there is a way of finding a Japanese blogger to join our comment boxes. The last time I wished for a Swedish blogger, and the very next day Bluemountainsmary "introduced" me to Anna.'s hoping it works again.

RW said...

I wish Miss M a fantabulous journey.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Miss M is a passing heron

BreadBox said...

(Waves) Have fun, MissM! Tell us all about it!

What a lucky young woman!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Miss M!

fifi said...

What a beautiful post!
I'm so sorry my daughter did not continue with japanese: she was so besotted until she had an awful teacher last year, and dropped it.

As for the art...they are very beautiful images you have used, some of my favourites. Hokusai's Great Wave is one of my all time loves, since I was 15 in fact.

I hope she has a lovely time.