Tuesday 28 October 2008

MrsM meets Mrs C

The Cruttenden Sisters
Thomas Gainsborough

I wish that I had more time
to freewheel around Blogland,
to wander, link by link, from blog to blog.

That is the way to discover great writing,
challenge your preconceptions
and make new friends.
When I first started reading blogs
I had lots of time to do just that
but at the moment I struggle
to keep up with the blogs of all the friends
that I have made over the past two years
and so it is unusual for me to get distracted.

However... yesterday I saw a comment from a Mrs C

I had a moment of panic.

“But I am Mrs C” I cried

(it may surprise some of you to discover
that my name is not actually Mrs Magpie)

and MrM (who is not actually Mr Magpie) said

“No you are not – you are MrsM”

(I see now that this was rather a weird conversation.)

And then MrM said sternly

“You can’t bag all the good names – that would be selfish”

And so I sat and read Being Mrs C
and I was glad that I did.

She reads! She cooks! She knits!
She writes of interesting places!

Please go and say hello
because the thing that struck me most
was that Mrs C has been writing
interesting posts for six months
and she deserves some friendly visitors.

If you have any blogs that you have just discovered
do let me know and I will post a list of recommendations.
We were all new bloggers once
but some of us were lucky enough
to find friends in Blogland very quickly
and it is the generous interaction
between writers and readers
that makes Blogland such an extraordinary community.


Christy said...

My favorite is Nikki at http://whimsy-girl.blogspot.com/. She is consistently cheerful and upbeat, and unbelievably creative. She always makes my day a little brighter...kind of like you do. =)

Anonymous said...

"You can't bag all the good names. That would be selfish."


MrM is right you know, Alice.

It is selfish to hog all the good names.

I dream of changing my blog name to "Edna, the Lunchlady."

But we can't have it all.

Can we?

Anonymous said...

PS-Thanks for the introduction to "the other Mrs C."

I plan to pay her a visit soon...

Penny Blogs said...

Hello Mrs M - and all your readers, and thank you to al of you who are now coming over and visiting my blog!

When I started blogging it took a while to decide on a name that wasn't already taken, but I'm pleased to say that I am indeed a "Mrs C" - maybe there's a club to be started there???

Anonymous said...

Just to confuse matters, MrsM is the senior MrsC of her generation as is MissM the senior MissC of hers. It's a family thing

Gina said...

Off to visit Mrs C now...

trash said...

Another reason why I love the blogosphere - who knew I would find sisterhood on the net!

M said...

Well Mrs M, thank you for the introduction to Mrs C. She seems lovely.

I will have to have a think about who I could introduce you to. I'll get back to you on that one.

Mary said...

I'm Mrs C too!!!

Anonymous said...

ps MrsM has almost been MrsC for longer than she has been anything else. Very soon she will reach a tipping point ...

dottycookie said...

Now hang on a minute, *I'm* MrsC too - both en blogue (DC) and in life (VC). At this rate we'll have to start a club!

Anonymous said...

Good grief. From this comment box I am beginning to think that every one is actually MrsC.

You are indeed AliceC AND MrsM at once. Is one of them your evil persona?

Allison said...

I struggle with my blog name in general. I love it but I feel like when it is listed in a blogroll folks won't visit it because a) they don't know what it means and b) they will think it is in Italian.

A new blog I am reading is Elastic Waist. You can find it at http://elasticwaist.com/

Anonymous said...

I am Spartacus (or should that be Spartaca ?)

Lynn said...

Well, jeepers -- I'm starting to feel like a Class A LOSER because I'm not a Mrs C!! Wait a minute -- when I started blogging (shyly), I used the nom de plume Sylvette Calamari (long story)...so for one brief shining moment I, too, was a Mrs C!!!! Phew.

The Coffee Lady said...

I'm discovering new blogs from your comments!

But I love http://theglassdoorknob.blogspot.com/ - so beautiful

do you mind if i knit said...

If you want a good cheery read with gorgeous photos, Attic 24.......................

do you mind if i knit said...

Whhoops! You've already got Attic 24.................. sorry!

Limecat said...

Now listen here, MrsM, you have also known me as MrsC in a previous incarnation. Think fowl.......hmmmm?

Anyway, can I recommend Sarah Campbell of Mogwaii? Her craft photographs are so vibrant and yummy. And she also lives in the Oban area which makes me GNASH MY TEETH with jealousy.