Tuesday 21 October 2008

A Sign of the Times

On my way to the Supermarket
to buy lunch

it occurred to me that
small businesses need my support now

not sympathy later

so I changed my plans
and went to the Farm Shop instead.


Still food related
but only just...

I extend a warm welcome to all my visitors from Russia
who have come to admire MrM's ties over the past few days.

I am not clear what is so attractive about them
because when I put the blog entry
into Babelfish the translation said
"Look! Visit The Magpie Files
to see how many ways
to enjoy a cucumber"


Quinn said...

love that babelfish..

M said...

I, too, am spending more of my money in the small local shops and the farmers markets. If all goes belly-up I'd rather still walk to my local shop than to drive to a multinational hypermarket. :)

trash said...

Perhaps they expected to find new and traditionally English recipes for pickling said cucumbers??

Lynn said...

Thanks for the belly laugh. I needed it.

Lina said...

He he hilarious! I've had a lot of Turkish visitors recently. Off to babelfish to find out what they're saying....!

A time to dance said...

I agree! we try and use local shops and business - if you dont support them they wont be there - look whats happened to the post office - we have to drive a few miles now for a postofice - we have lost all the local ones. oops orange box time..

Anonymous said...

Is that Stilton you bought?

Is it?

If so, I'm on my way.

Gina said...

I have a mental image of Mr M wearing a cucumber! Not sure it works!

Anonymous said...

That is an interesting interpretation of that post. I'm glad it is not a confusion that MrM makes each day as he dresses for work.

dottycookie said...

Cheese and cucumber sandwiches, mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

MrM did not realise that he had reached those particular heights of coolness

Anonymous said...

yay Alice, I am also trying to do the local-shop thing, although the lure of the Big-shop-that-sells-everything is still enormous. Actually, its huuuuuuuuge. I went up to my local market yesterday to find only one solitary stall (cheese) because the high winds had kept the other stall holders away. But weather permitting, I will persevere :: my shopping trolley has been ordered :oD

tess said...

what a hardship to have to eat that local cake, and yummy cheese.!!! looks divine, I wonder what the Russians will make of it!

Anonymous said...

I missed the original post about the ties! It cracked me up that the translation was so off!

Eating local is the way to go. No farms no food!

Anonymous said...

A cucumber! Perhaps that is a clue as to which club . . . Hmmm. It also looks like there may be reasons other than the economy to support the Farm Shop.

Suse said...

Clearly the Russians are inspired by your cucumber.


blackbird said...

I used to have a large following of Russians who appreciated photos of my shoes.
Go figure.