Thursday 2 October 2008

Three Beautiful Posts

I have become addicted to
Three Beautiful Things
- thank you, bb -
Such a simple idea
and written in the sort of unaffected prose
that I find irresistible.

This morning I stood at my back door
and, seeing seven bright green parakeets fly past, thought
'That is my first Beautiful Thing today' .
realising simultaneously that TBT had changed the way
I absorbed images of my world.

Here are three other posts
that have influenced me recently

Lucy @ Attic24 provides tea and comfort most mornings
but on Monday she was writing honestly about housework.
I love this post
because it exactly encapsulates
my own ambivalent attitude to looking after our home.

Carrie has been a friend to this blog since I started.
She writes with warmth and humour
about her family life in happy and sad times.
This post stopped me in my tracks
and reminded me to be grateful
for the good health and safety of my children.

Diana lives in a part of Cornwall that I know well.
Imagine my reaction at opening this post
and seeing these beautiful photos.
I had an uncontrollable sense of homesickness
and for a mad moment considered running to the station
and jumping on the next train west.
You never really leave Cornwall once you have lived there.
Thank you, Diana, for such a thoughtful gesture.



It is early in the morning and
I am not sure how this works
but here is a fourth post
for my Three Beautiful Posts.
Thank you, Eleanor
for letting us share your celebration

Three Four Beautiful Posts
I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.


Melody said...

They were beautiful posts. You are right. Thanks for sharing them with us on this beautiful day.

RW said...

Thanks for opening those windows to these new worlds.

Gina said...

Thank you for sharing these Alice. Small windows on other people's worlds reminding us to be grateful for life's small pleasures.

Anonymous said...

MrM thinks the honey cake recipe could be a handy addition to the family cookbook but is not sure if he could make it himself though

Eleanor said...

I came back to revisit your "three beautiful posts" (which I enjoyed so much, earlier today) and found a little new year surprise waiting for me. Thank you dear Alice. The evening was made so much more special because you were able to join us!!

I have alerted my mum to expect more guests, and as you know by now, that's no problem whatsoever.

Oh, and mrm... mum is wrapping and air-mailing a cake as I write this, and it has your name on it! She's going global this year.

walter and me said...

Thank you Alice, and having just been away and come home, this is also a reminder for me to appreciate the beauty around me.

carrie said...

Thank You Alice.

kristina said...

Three beautiful things is such a lovely idea. And I adore the parakeets that zoom past our window every evening. I'm glad you have them, too. K x

Anonymous said...

Hello lovely Alice
Aww, so very touched to see my name in your post today, how kind you are to find beauty in my self-indulgent ramblings about clutter. You are far too kind, however I do get exactly where you are coming from. Sometimes honesty does provide a certain beauty, and I love that you see that, and that you search it out and point us in the right direction.

Love to you, viewer of Parakeets (how I loved seeing them in India, that particular shade of green so vivid)

Limecat said...

I've just looked on the 3BT site. What a splendid premise for a blog. It's very uplifting.