Tuesday 19 June 2007

An Apple for MissM

Today MissM had her braces off.

She has been visiting the orthodontist for two years and suffering all kinds of contraptions and indignities without complaint.

The orthodontist has been a model of kindness and efficiency and the treatment proceeded exactly as he said it would two years ago.

I asked MissM what she would like for a treat

and she said

an apple

I arrived at the surgery feeling like the Wicked Witch.

But MissM

- who knows her fairy stories -

said that she would only be worried if I brought a poisoned comb as well.

Which I hadn't planned to do.


how does MissM feel

now that she can eat apples whenever she wants?

MissM feels like smiling.


blackbird said...

I can't wait till Youngest's braces come off...two more months!


Anonymous said...

This is delightful!