Saturday 9 June 2007

Happy Families

When MissM was six her favourite game was Happy Families.

This was not because she was escaping into a fantasy world but because she always won.

We were very strict about the 'Please and Thankyou' rule and she was the only one who always remembered.

So... one holiday evening we were playing Happy Families with my mother.
MasterM was 8 and Far Too Grownup to play.
MrM was reading the paper and did not notice that we were playing because he is not of The Bloodline.

My mother had had enough wine to enable her to play, the room was warm and her concentration was slipping.
She said 'MissM - please may I have Mr Frog'.
MissM gave her the card. Then there was silence.
MissM and I looked at her expectantly.
Then MissM shrieked at the top of her voice


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

I love these cards, are they available to buy or are they a secret family pack?
Suzie Sews

alice c said...

Hi Suzie,
Thanks for stopping by. The cards are very old but they were made by H.P.Gibson&Sons and are from designs by Racey Helps. Our pack is missing Mr.Squirrel so let me know if you find any!

Anonymous said...

Say "Please" when you ask for Mr Squirrel!
Did we teach you nothing!