Thursday 28 June 2007


I quite like ironing

I'm liking this whole, crinkle thing more

if I spend less time ironing

I can spend more time improving my mind.


Jane said...

I hate ironing but I love piles of freshly ironed things.


blackbird said...

For George Clooney I might be willing to give up some pressed shirts.

Anonymous said...

I leave my wife to do the irony

Tracy x said...

ironing is a job to be avoided unless it is the ironing of newly washed vintage fabric.
tracy x

alice c said...

Hi Tracy,
Thanks for stopping by - especially when you are soooo busy packing. I have to tell you that most of my ironing has been in the basket so long that it is vintage!

Alice said...

want to iron for me?

you see, I want to love ironing, but it isn't working, I've even tried the scented linen water for excitement, i can't get passed the tediousness of it all...