Wednesday 27 June 2007


Come with me to the water meadows

through reeds

and past bull rushes

to secret places

where lilies bloom

and the heron waits.


Anonymous said...

Wot ? No heron here

Anonymous said...

Alice, I want to elaborate on my earlier comment about liking your writing style. I love how your eloquent words are intermingled with beautiful photographs that really are telling the story themselves as well. You really have a uniquely wonderful style. What took you so long to start blogging?! :)

alice c said...

Hi Angie
Thank you for your kind words. I really meant it when I said that you inspired me to start. I had been reading blogs for a long time and had a list of favourites with wonderful say la vee up at the top. Every blog that I read seemed so confident that I hardly had the courage to leave a comment. Then, one day, reading your blog about photos from the past, I knew that I had to start my own. Partly so that I could record the life of my family but also so that I could share with the kind people like you who take time to let me see glimpses of their world. I love reading about your farm in Michigan, your beautiful children and the things that you grow. It is a very different world to the one that I live in!
Thank you for getting me started - I'm having so much fun.
p.s. if you let me have your email address I have something for you to say thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you found the inpiration! It took me awhile to find the confidence to blog, and to my astonishment, people actually started reading too! :)