Monday 19 November 2007

Adventures in Gastronomy

MasterM is cooking in Another Woman's kitchen.
He calls.

I am cooking steak for supper
Wow! That sounds good
What do you think we should we have with the steak?
thinks: What is quick and nutritious?
What about frozen peas?
Won't they be a bit cold
You cook them first


Mary said...

I bow before Peppermintpatcher (aka Tracey) who visits here and seems to have instilled in her children some magical cooking abilities.

Some evil little part of me would have thought briefly about letting him find out the hard way!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an 'indoor' Ray Mears survival course is called for!

tess said...

think positive - he knows how to cook steak!!

dottycookie said...

Frozen peas still frozen are a special treat in our house. I know, I'm a mean mummy. I had them believing grapes were sweeties for a long time too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness...that is too funny! But frozen peas has saved many a meal in many households I suspect! Happy week to you all ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

That's ma boy !

blackbird said...

and then mine would follow that with:
I knew that.

Anonymous said...

The first time my son wanted to make noodles he asked, "So... how do you boil water?"

Perhaps my son could be a consultant to your son and between them they could manage frozen peas!

carrie said...

Hee, hee.

Hope the dinner turned out!

Lissa Jane said...

I'd be happy with any master or miss cooking anything...

I thought frozen peas were lollies when I was a kid, so mum didn't tell me any different, I remember sneaking them out of the freezer until I went to school and learnt that 'frozen peas are not sweets'...


BreadBox said...

While at college, I made a similar phone call home -- I wanted to cook a special dinner for a special person, and didn't know how.
My mother talked me through much of it, including telling me to get to Heffers to buy the Joy of Cooking.

I still recall laughing when a friend was looking at my bookshelves a few months later and said "Oh, you have the Joy of.... oh! cooking!"

Good luck to him on cooking in another kitchen:-) And to you, on telephone-cooking-classes!


Unknown said...

Love it!!!

alice c said...

Hello Lissa Jane! Welcome to Chez Magpie. I think that I should make it clear that it is entirely my fault that my children cannot cook - they have never needed to. Now that he needs to learn my son is showing a lot more interest.

Unknown said...

That is funny.