Monday 5 November 2007

Shopping with MissM

We are shopping for a watch.

It is not one of these
because these are in the second shop that we go to
and there are still eight more to visit.

And the problem is that we keep getting distracted.

There are bags.

MissM says that if she ever asks for a bag like this
I am to kill her immediately.

There are edible gifts for dogs
and we have to decide
whether to get an Advent Calendar or Christmas Tree decorations.

We decide on the tree decorations.

And then there are more bags.

And there are dresses in Coast
and cardigans in TopShop.

It is beyond hopeless and we need bb to keep us on track.
We really need bb.

So we retire to a *teashop for sustenance.
*I would link to the teashop but their website has been spammed

We have to decide whether to have a huffkin, puffkin or muffkin.
It is too difficult so we go for a hot chocolate.

And in the end we do find a watch

Or is it just a posed photograph
to show off some fingerless mittens?


Anonymous said...

Alice, I LOVE your posts. Every one is a gem. Are those the fingerless mittens MissM had started on in her quest to eventually be good enough to knit Shreddies? If yes, I don't think she should have to wait until she's a granny to qualify. (And you must have gone to bed very late or be up very early on a Monday morning - it's not even 9 p.m. here in Illinois on Sunday night, and already you have a post for Monday!)

blackbird said...

Well they ARE some fine fingerless mittens.
I am a devoted fingerless mitt wearer.

tess said...

that hot chocolate looks delicious, and sounds like you had quite the shopping trip.
I'm beginning to think I'm the only person not to have any fingerless gloves, they're everywhere.

Mary said...

My Miss Margot is only five.

I cannot wait until she is old enough to go shopping with.

Anonymous said...

there must be a German connection in the family I was not aware of which MissM has now surfaced

Gott Mitt Uns ;-)

alice c said...

Hmmm…I’m thinking that this little Anonymouse might be close to home…given away by HIS inability to resist a pun.

carrie said...

I love shopping with you!