Thursday 22 November 2007

A day in London with MasterM

We meet at Baker Street tube station.

He is taking me to a gallery in Dorset Street
He checks the map and then guides me across busy intersections
For the first time MasterM is showing me his London.

The Atlas Gallery has an exhibition of photos by Lev Borodulin
Shotputters, divers and cyclists black against the white walls.
I am seeing a world that I do not know.

I offer lunch and we are back on familiar territory
MasterM eats his solid chocolate fudge
with no apparent ill effects.

And now we must spend the afternoon
at a University Open Day
listening to an admission tutor,
meeting student ambassadors,
touring academic rooms.

You might think that this would be my world
but as I listen to him
discussing his plans for the future with other people
I know that this is his world now
and it is a huge privilege to be there.


carrie said...

I love that you share this experience with your son.

I know someday that will be me. It may not be London, but it will be somewhere, just the same.

Anonymous said...

I find myself more and more wishing to be a part of my (almost) adult daughter's life. I know that the paradigm has shifted and I need to be invited.

The invitiation is indeed a privilege. Hopefully I give her enough space that she wants to share.

Mary said...

He is teaching you new things.

You are open and receptive to them.

He would be loving that.

tess said...

what a wonderful day to share with him as he takes the next step towards adulthood.

dottycookie said...

A privilege indeed. I hope he was happy with the Open Day as well ...