Thursday 1 November 2007

The Joy of Scarves

Inspired by the industry of MissM
I have been knitting a scarf.

I can report that scarves are good things to knit

1. They look like the finished product so family is less sceptical
2. You can wear them while you knit if you are cold
3. There is no problem with sizing

4. There is no sewing at the end.
5. You can debate the advantages of fringes vs. bobbles
6. It keeps you awake during films so I could, if I wanted to, report on Memoirs of a Geisha
It is the first time I have ever knit? knitted? knat? made anything for myself
and I feel a sense of achievement.
Oh….and I even made up the pattern BY MYSELF.

And it stopped me from worrying about shopping for Christmas

wool - Debbie Bliss SoHo colour 37519
needles - size 8
pattern - knit 3 purl 3 rib


Mary said...

Because Christmas draws steadily and inevitably nearer.

After this post and yarnstorm's post I am guilt ridden at the number of half knitted scarves I have in my basket. Which have been put aside until next winter I suspect.

Anonymous said...

any chance of knocking up a cloak of invisibility for use when/if I turn up late ? Obviously would not be a lot of help without the house keys

blackbird said...

You had to mention christmas?

Ali said...

Hooray for the 'no sewing at the end' bit. And for not worrying about Christmas.

tess said...

the colours are just gorgeous! christmas - what's that... I'm having a mental block!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Alice! It looks lovely! Even though I'm not big on wearing them, oh how I love knitting scarves!

dottycookie said...

Lovely wool (says the knitter in me) - what is it?

MissM must be having a positive influence!

Anonymous said...

This knitting a scarf lark must be spreading because I,too,have just bought some wool and enormous needles to knit Jane's very simple (knit a line, knit another line, keep going, end of wool, end of scarf)pattern. Need to go now and cast on.

alice c said...

I think that scarves may be my future. One for every outfit and every child. So that makes at least three. I bet you bought Colinette, Liz! It was the thought of the winding that put me off.

ginny said...

well done you.. inspired by my mum and daughters i am also knitting.. I think its a perfect season for it....i now have 2 dishcloths!.. I'm thinking different colour cloths for different the hope that it would make me want to use them.. my cleaning expertise is very very limited.
Maybe i will move onto a scarf next?

MoominMama said...

Alice, I love the photographs you have on here. They're beautifully composed and vibrant.

The Debbie Bliss looks gorgeous. I love the colours.

Anonymous said...

Love that bit about wearing the scarf whilst knitting it.

Unknown said...

What gorgeous coloured yarn - so subtle and pretty

RW said...

I too, am inspired to pick up the needles and create something.

alice c said...

Hello RW - the world will be full of scarves knitted on big needles. But at least every one will have warm necks.