Friday 30 November 2007

An Evening Out With MrM

MrM is giving me a tour of St. Pancras.

We look at the retail units

and the statue of Sir John Betjeman.

The Biggest Advent Calendar in the World has no numbers
but I am assured
there will be a man with a ladder and a Letraset tonight .

We check out the Champagne Bar

and watch the trains go by.

All around us people are saying
'Wonderful'; 'Amazing'; 'Fantastic'

This is his station and MrM is very proud.

And I am so very proud of him.


MrM is part of the management team.
It is a HUGE project
which is linked to the Channel Tunnel, High Speed rail link, 2012 Olympics
and regeneration of a massive area of East London.

However, it is the restoration of this beautiful station
that everyone involved feels so passionately about.
It has taken ten years but it was worth it.
So many people involved and all of them feel it is their station!


Tracey Petersen said...

Why is it his?

We have buildings which are my Pete's too, because he is an architect. It astounds me when I see something which was in his head as an actual building. The scale and scope of the design process is incredible.

Mary said...

yes I am with Tracey.

Please explain the connection.

It looks absolutely magnificent. Truly.

Anonymous said...

TP and BMM, If you have just spent £800 million on a project I think you have some right to call it yours!

Anonymous said...

Good excuse to take MrsM out and check up on things at the same time. Who says one cannot mix business with pleasure ? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

BreadBox said...

Wow! That's changed a lot since I was last there --- mind you, that was thrumptysevix years ago, on the day they had a transatlantic air-race from the top of the Post Office Tower to the top of the Empire State Building: an ordinary military jet (the pilot had to get to an airfield) against a harrier --- which took off vertically from St Pancras: we were at the station (then disused) to watch the takeoff.
It took days to wash all the coal dust out of my skin:-)

Thanks for bringing back some memories --- and congratulations to MrM!


tess said...

it looks amazing, and I think Mr M deserves to be very proud of it and feel it is HIS station.

(my son on the other hand thinks the moon is his, we're not sure what he's done to deserve that credit!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to MrM, what an accomplishment!

Tracy said...

Loved this post! That place is amazing...a grand, magnificent wonder! No wonder you & hubby are so proud--lots to be proud of there. :o) Is it really the worlds largest Christmas calendar?! Have fun delighting...and have a happy weekend ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

Impressive. Must be a fantastic sense of space. What a marvelous accomplishment.

do you mind if i knit said...

Congratulations to MrM, it looks extraordinary...... and lucky you having a guided tour from someone so close to the formation of the whole endeavor.
And what a great idea, the biggest advent calender in the world! I enjoyed the website.
It would be worth the four hour train journey to London to see St.Pancras alone, don't you think?
Thanks for the peek!

blackbird said...

How thrilling!

I especially love that statue and now wish I had the piece from the paper to show you...

dottycookie said...

It is such a beautiful building, and I can't wait to go and visit it. The statue is wonderful! (We used him as a question in our quiz night).

Well done indeed, MrM!

Anonymous said...

MrM, how fantastic! Most of us can't point to something so concrete as a result of our work. Good for you. And I had been wondering how MrsM had gotten tickets to the opening (you know, the one where the Queen was worried about what she would wear to meet MrsM). I would put this accomplishment almost as great as MrsM's blog (well, maybe AS great, as there might be as big an audience for the station as for the blog). (Note to MrsM - cute husband!)

carrie said...

It's beautiful and breathtaking.

Hopefully one day we'll get over there to see it (I say with longing as our relatives in Copenhagen just sent us a "guide book" - I think it was a hint).

What a fabulous time, and oooooh - the champagne! Cheers!