Saturday 1 December 2007

Advent Calendar

Every little door hides a delight in this calendar made by MissM.


BreadBox said...

That's quite lovely! LOML and I were just talking this morning about making an advent calendar for Boo and Skibo --- this is inspiration to actually do it:-)


tess said...

how lovely!

carrie said...

Eeeeeek! I forgot the advent calendars this year!

Good thing my husband and I are going out on a date tonight, I'll pick some up then, as I don't have time to actually make one that would be acceptable!

Hers, is great!

Mary said...

There's advent calendars all over the blogs right now for obvious reasons. Next year I will get my act together.

Hers is lovely.

dottycookie said...

Awwww, I remember making them like that when I was little - so sweet!