Wednesday 19 December 2007

Decorating the Tree

This is what decorating the tree is like in ChezMagpie.

MrM's favourite - the obligatory train.


goes to shed to find Red Bucket
which should have been washed and polished last January.
He removes all the wrapping from the outside tap and washes the Red Bucket.
Because it wasn’t done in January.
Carefully lays Financial Times on carpet.
Places Red Bucket on top.
Skillfully arranges bricks inside bucket
so that the tree does not fall over.
Here ends MrM’s involvement.

MasterM's favourite - an action toy, of course.


goes through box of decorations like tornado.
Tosses tissue paper and bubble wrap over entire room.
Picks out favourite decorations.
Places on tree on Principal Branches.
Here ends MasterM’s involvement.

MissM's favourite - purple is SO stylish


meticulously goes through remaining decorations
And places on tree on Secondary Branches.
Gets photo-evidence to resolve important garland issue:
“Is Bead Garland draped vertically or horizontally?”
Here ends MissM’s involvement.

The Lovely MissE's favourite - apparently it's cute.


Arranges lights,
Arranges garlands,
Repacks tissue paper,
Checks for lost decorations,
Reallocates decorations
so that some of MissM’s are on Principal Branches,
Sweeps up needles,
Replaces wrapping on outside tap.

This contains a babysitting voucher from Great Aunt Janet.

As you see, I get all the fun bits.


blackbird said...

A new hierarchy must be adopted in the Magpie household.
Mrs. M. must relax in a chair and DISTRIBUTE the ornaments...favored children (on that particular day) get to hang the sentimental favorites, whilst children displaying surly behavior are bestowed with the plain blue ornaments from when mommy and daddy first met.
I'm only saying.

BreadBox said...

And your favourite ornament is where?
Our decorating this year involved a large number of ornaments at the 3-5 year old level of the tree..... they definitely wanted to put *all* the bits and pieces on. I have gradually migrated a few pieces higher:-)


Mary said...

Why does that sound so familiar to me - your role in the whole affair?


tess said...

that's so funny Alice, I can just imagine it all so clearly after your great description. Mr M and and J seem to have a lot in common, except I think I had to get the newspaper....

Unknown said...

So what makes you think your role in life should be any different from any other mum??? :o)))

The Coffee Lady said...

at least you didn't have to wash the bucket

Anonymous said...

If we get around to getting a tree before Christmas AND get it decorated in time there may even be some presents under it for the Magpie Menage when you come to visit.

Anonymous said...

with the BBQ relish recipe in a little basket ?

Anonymous said...

Posthumosity before Christmas; I hope not!!!!

Unknown said...

Sounds familiar (in a way).