Saturday 29 December 2007

Remote Control Wars

When MasterM is in charge of the remote control
our TV viewing reaches parts of the satellite channels
that we did not know existed.

Viking - Family Edition

A Japanese game show that makes 'It's A Knockout'
look like an offshoot of 'University Challenge'.

In Search of the Killer Viper

Austin Stevens is a snake wrangler with a death wish.

Ross Kemp on Gangs - Polish edition

It would not be festive without violence in Krakow.


This was the hit of the week.
The discovery that there is a whole world of men
competing with axes
was a revelation which has enriched our family life.


Unknown said...

Yes my DS found the Killer Viper one too! What an enhanced viewing schedule we share ;oP

blackbird said...

Timber Sports is for me.

tess said...

we have different remote control wars in our house, war breaks out when we can't find one, or two, or three or four......

Ali said...

And I thought enforced Tomb Raider tonight was bad. Thank goodness we don't have satellite.

Anonymous said...

The males in my household are equally intellectual...sigh...

dottycookie said...

And when my hubby gets hold of the remote we end up playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Oh yes :-)