Sunday 9 December 2007

Christmas China

This is my Christmas china.
Please be careful.
Very Careful.

Croissants with Mulled Wine conserve

I have collected it over the years
and I love it very much.

Venison pate with juniper berries

But I want to use it too
For all our special family meals
Don't worry, I am the only person allowed to wash it.

Christmas pudding with Brandy Butter

And after Christmas, it will be beautifully wrapped
in tissue paper and stored for next year.

Colston Bassett Stilton with oatmeal biscuits

There is one set for MasterM and one set for MissM.



blackbird said...

It is very beautiful -
and I promise to only just eat off it. You know. When I come to visit.

tess said...

it's lovely, too lovely to cover with food!

Ali said...

How lovely to have something so special.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again so much for the champagne and the fantastic tour of the station! I'm really hoping we can all get together again for Loop in January. And I know how you feel about your Christmas china :) The menu sounds lovely as well...

. said...

Very lovely china - and I am glad tgo see you are a Colston Bassett, not a Cropwell Bishop fan ...

Anonymous said...

Your china is beautiful and how lovely to have collected for your children, wish I had thought of that. Still it's not too late i suppose.
Willow House

kirsten said...

Oh my goodness. That is the MOST beautiful Christmas china I have ever seen. No wonder you do all the washing up after Christmas dinner.

Tracey Petersen said...

Washing up should NEVER be done on Christmas day! Hang your beautiful china on the wall for all to admire and adore, then eat off paper plates! (red and green ones for Christmas of course, I do have some style!)

alice c said...

Welcome . (tiny dot lady) - I am feeling a bit anxious that I may have come down on one side of a Stilton cheese rivalry without realising what I have done.

alice c said...

Hi Kristina,
I am so glad that you did not mind being abducted from Persephone. i have done a very stupid thing and lost your email address - could you email me - thanks!