Monday 31 December 2007

Living Off The Hump

Between Christmas and New Year we 'live off the hump'.*
*I would like to give full credit to my Mother-in-Law for this bizarre family expression.

This usually means inventive dishes with leftover turkey,
perhaps some ice-cream made with Christmas Pudding
and lots of clementines.

This year we have a glut of Hot Chocolate.
I am not sure how it has happened
but we are threatened by a tidal wave of chocolate milk.

MissM tells me that her preferred brand is Green & Black's
but that Hotel Chocolat 'Kiss Mix' has a delicious caramel taste
ideal for special occasions.

White Hot Chocolate is the Lovely MissE's favourite
so we MUST have that in the cupboard.
The Galaxy mix was just a phase and
Cadbury is everyday Hot Chocolate
suitable for the gardener (if we had one).

I feel like King Canute standing at the sea edge
and raising my hand against the oncoming surge.
Drowning in the foamy stuff seems an ignominious way to go.


dottycookie said...

Where's the Charbonnel & Walker? Fabulous tins, but looks like it should be so much better than it actually is. It is good for sprinkling on ice cream though.

And I think I am living off the spare tyre, not the hump. Hot chocolate does sound good for tonight though.

Anonymous said...

The Whittards White one is a firm family fav here at Willow House although we aren't exactly loyal it is difficult not to try all the new ones that come on the market.
Now will it be hot chocolate or champagne tonight? Happy New Year to you all.
carolyn x

Mary said...

Hot chocolate?

The heat we are experiencing here (and especially in the southern states) makes frosty cold drinks naturally more appealing!

Happy New Year Alice...

Anonymous said...

I'll take mine with some crushed ice please.

Miss E has wonderful taste, because that would have been my pick of the chocolates too. A dream in a cup? Yes, please!