Monday 10 December 2007

A Famous Speech

The Scene: A large sports pavilion with tables set for a formal dinner.

The People: There are 80 boys ranging in age from 14 to 18
( all players in the school Rugby teams)
and 80 coaches, referees, parents and school staff.

The coach for MasterM’s team stands up
he is an self-deprecating person with a dry sense of humour
and, we now discover, a brilliant speaker.

“I was a bit worried about this speech
so I went to see one of the wise old men of the team,

Loud Cheers

Now you need to know that MasterM is in Love.


MasterM said to me
‘ Sir, you need to make your speech
like one of the Lovely MissE’s mini-skirts…

Cheers and Laughter

Short enough to arouse interest…

Cheers, Laughter and Stamping of Feet

But long enough to cover the subject.”

Extended pause for General Hysteria

It was such a pleasure to hear a superb after dinner speech -
carefully crafted and delivered with immaculate timing.