Monday 26 November 2007


Freesias have a warm, slightly spicy fragrance

that clings to the air and reaches you in soft waves

when you pause and turn your head.

It is the smell of winter

like cinnamon and cloves,

freshly peeled clementines,

mulled wine and wet pine needles.


dottycookie said...

They are also my mum's favourite flowers and so hold a special place in my heart. I may have to go and buy some. The colour of yours is stunning; I am usually far more pedestrian in my choice!

Anonymous said...

They do smell heavenly and like Dotty Cookie they hold a special place in my heart as my beloved Grandmother adored them, she always had them made up into button holes when she attended a wedding.

Mary said...

Glorious post - thank you

tess said...

they're lovely, some brightness on a grey day, and you're right, they smell amazing

blackbird said...

My fresias have never smelled like that.

Unknown said...

Lovely. Its one of my favourite scents. They also remind me of peaches or apricots.

Anonymous said...

I love this post Alice. These fragrances are absolutely winter to me too. Just one addition, the smell of wood burning.

Anonymous said...

One of the joys of NOT living in the tropics. I love living here, but I wish we could grow beautiful blooms.

beatiful photos

Ali said...

Your post made me realize something bizarre. Although I have a really good sense of smell, I have absolutely no scent recall ability.

If you blindfolded me and got me to sniff a freesia I could identify the scent, but sitting here flowerless, there is no way I could describe it to you.

Is there a word to describe this? Disodouria? Olfactorally challenged? Bonkers?

alice c said...

Thank you Lina, I wish I had thought of wood smoke because you are right - it is winter too. I did think of 'wet dog' but it didn't seem quite in keeping with the spirit of the post.

Carolyn, what a lovely idea. I had freesias in my wedding bouqet - it would be a lovely link to that day.

Anonymous said...

Pure poetry, Alice! Gorgeous pictures, beautiful arranged and described.