Friday 9 November 2007

Home Duties

"Oh No!"
cried the dwarves
"Who is going to put the rubbish out now?"

this post is for Mary in the Blue Mountains
who worries about labels


blackbird said...

Mom will do it.

Ali said...

Hey, they noticed she did it! Score 1 for Snow White.

dottycookie said...

Does that make me Snow White then?

Flipping bins, grumble moan.

Mary said...

I am going to print that out ...

although I must say my two young boys are pretty good at putting out the bins.

Thank you for this Alice C.

carrie said...

I just saw Snow White last night and she was alive and well, skating around on the ice (Disney Princesses on Ice with front row seats!).

Unknown said...

Yeah. My first entry as a blog was about whatever that thing is the Mormon's are always being accused of. And still nobody took out the garbage because they are watching tv and drinking beer. My family thinks all that happens magically. So SnowWhite is not so far off the mark.