Saturday 17 November 2007

Questions from my Estate Agent

1. Do you promise not to replace windows?

2. Do you promise not build inappropriate conservatory?

3. Do you promise to use only colours from Farrow and Ball?

4. Do you promise to remove vile palm
and plant white climbing rose over porch?

5. Do you promise to have log fires
and smoke coming out of adorable chimneys
on cold winter days?

6. Do you promise to purchase enough boots for boot room?

7. Do you promise to install beautiful daughter
in bedroom under eaves?

Sounds like we tick all the boxes

8. Does your husband live within easy commuting distance?

errrr ..... no


Anonymous said...

what a fabulous cottage! How about a helicopter for commuting?!!

blackbird said...

And THAT, my dear, is why it's only 450.

Mary said...

But it IS beautiful...

Tracey Petersen said...

Bother and all that!! How important is the commute when you weigh it up against a boot room?

A whole room for boots....

Anonymous said...

Wellington boots,riding boots, sailing boots,rugby boots apart from fancy boots which live in the wardrobe. Table to clean boots on, chair to sit on whilst cleaning boots (and shoes everyday before commuting). Multiply arithmetically/geometrically/exponentially/digitallyor by analogue for two generations of family who visit regularly and expect their boots to be there ready.
Yes, every house in Cornwall needs a boot room or two.


Anonymous said...

Did I forget to mention walking boots?

dottycookie said...

I bet its boot room is bigger than my bathroom too. Sigh.

tess said...

aa route finder just worked out that it would be a 16 hour 56 minutes, and 911.2 mile round trip for my hubby, so anything less than that and I say go for it!!

carrie said...

Simply idyllic.

alice c said...

Welcome to Chez Magpie, two hippos. I think that there might a problem landing a helicopter with all those trees but worth considering. It is the curly bits around the roof that do it for me.