Wednesday 7 November 2007

The Rail Clip

I am describing the rail clip to MasterM

What! You took a lump of metal?
It is a limited edition.
I bet they just ordered too many for the construction
and wanted to get rid of them.
They have a plaque on them.
Did you get one for me?
You only got one if you were there.
That's a shame
because then we would have been
a three-rail-clip family.

Sadly, he is not as impressed as I had hoped.


Mary said...

But it is a small shiny thing.

Shouldn't he be genetically predisposed ( I don't think I can spell that word) to liking it?

blackbird said...

I can see how he might not be.

Anonymous said...

where I were a lad I was lucky to get a clip round the ears !

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing I am reminded of the French for a paper clip which is a 'trombone' as in 'Ne mettre pas les trombones dans le photocopier' which looks a little odd the first time one comes across it.

Trust the French to be different

Ali said...

Um, yeah, I might just be with him on this one. But you be sure to enjoy yours!