Wednesday 31 October 2007


We are not big on Hallowe'en at ChezMagpie

But if you are going large on
Tricks, Treats and Frights in the Night

Have Fun!

p.s. these photos are for MasterM and MissM
to show them that I DID buy special chocolates
but I put them in a SAFE place
and I FORGOT to hand them over.


dottycookie said...

Cor. All we have are Smarties!

tess said...

I guess you can deliver them with the flute, and the basket ball boots and the sewn up gloves,
or you could eat them!

BreadBox said...

Better yet, eat the chocolates, melt some chocolate chips into the wrappers, and put them in the post:-)


Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I know about 'safe places'.

Thanks for your comment. I get fed up with myself sometimes. I shall try to be less sad.