Thursday 25 October 2007

MissM knits

I'm so excited.

It appears that there is a knitter in the family
and so this blog may, after all, be able to join
the hallowed inner circle of Craft Blogs.
I am delighted that MissM has agreed to be interviewed.

She is wearing a smoky blue velvet waistcoat
and drinking a detox smoothie.
Her PA is next to her wearing an expensive red necklet.

Who taught you to knit?
My mother inspired me.
She said if I wanted fingerless gloves
I could knit them myself.

Do you prefer plastic or bamboo needles?
Well, I am very aware
of the environmental issues that this raises.
Bamboo is degradeable
but over-use can damage the natural habitat of the Panda
and so I prefer
plastic which can be recycled.

What is your next project?
It depends how much wool I have left over.
It might be a beanie hat...
or a tea cosy...
or an egg cosy.

What is your long term ambition as a knitter?
To knit Shreddies.
I need 50 years experience to qualify
and so I knew I had to start now
to give myself that opportunity in the long term.

Do you have any plans to move into crochet?
I'm taking it one step at a time.

What does knitting mean to you as a person?
It shows that I am an independent spirit.
It is important to express your creative individuality
whatever other people say.
You don't want to be a sheep.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what lovely pics!! Yea for you MissM! Looking forward to seeing future projects!

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure of the current abbreviations used by the young. Does Miss M have a Personal Assistant beside her or a Power Amplifier? On re reading the blog I guess Power Amplifiers are not really into jewellery!

tess said...

lovely interview style you've got!
nicely answered miss M.

dottycookie said...

OOoh, MissM, that's a dangerous, lifelong addiction you've started. Well done!

My little ones are half believing the Shreddie knitting campaign, though they want to know how many Nanas there are doing the knitting ...

Anonymous said...

Very funny Mrs M! And my Miss M you look like a very talented knitter to me I'm sure Shreddies will accept you in 50 years time.

Anonymous said...

Ah, knitting--here's to more crafty, fiber fun! I'm just back from our two week trip...great to stop by and see all the goodness you've been sharing here. Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll bite - what are Shreddies? The web dictionaries offers two options - the cereal (what we Yanks call shredded wheat) or men's underpants. MissM, what are you really up to?!

Unknown said...

Sounds like "Shreddies" is a club? I am as curious as Ginnie. MissM certainly has given this alot of thought. Good for her.

alice c said...

Shreddies...small squares of malted Golden Grahams (I think). At the moment there is an advertising campaign with the strap line "knitted by nanas"...all very wholesome.

Unless MissM has other plans that I am not aware of...