Saturday 6 October 2007

Recovery Plan

It has been a long two weeks
and I feel tired and jaded.

So my recovery plan is:

1. Have a nice cup of tea
2. Plant some bulbs
3. Indulge in some retail therapy
4. Watch MasterM play rugby
5. Take Poppy for walk somewhere without exclusion notices
6. Cook Roast Chicken.
7. Be nice to MrM - at least once

I think it could work.

And then I will look more like the lady on the label
and less like the shrivelled old prunes inside.

And best of all

it is 50 weeks until Freshers' Week comes around again.


blackbird said...

Only you would have such photogenic prunes...

dottycookie said...

Tea sounds good. I'm roasting a chicken today too - once I have been to buy it. Which I had better go and do now instead of checking blogs ...