Thursday 4 October 2007

Letting Go

My house is full of the memories of childhood
Every room shows evidence that children have lived here.

My dressing table has the tiniest glittery shoe
hidden among perfume bottles.

Even the garden is not immune
This little jug keeps appearing in unlikely places.

You might think that a door will burst open
and a small child will come running in,

But my son started shaving three years ago
and I think that I can trust him with the cheese grater now.

Time to move on.


blackbird said...

I have boxes of baby clothes.
And my Youngest needs a shave...

dottycookie said...

I'm impressed your child catches have lasted so well. Ours really not up to the job.

That is such a cure house - mine aren't quite at the house building stage yet but we did have a lovely picture the other day that I foolishly thought was a cat. No no, apparently it was a self portrait - in fancy dress. Right. OK then.

dottycookie said...

Of course, I meant cute, not cure. Spell checkers have a lot to answer for.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently buried in small child memoriabilia. You would think I had about 12 if you could see my living room right now. I'm envious! Although, I imagine when it is my turn, I will be more than a little wistful.*hugs*

BreadBox said...

That is so moving! We're watching glimpses of a teenager in a three year old over at our house right now... it can sometimes be hard to try to savour the moment... this post makes me step back and remember, watch, and enjoy:-)


Unknown said...

We have every toy that my son ever played with on shelves in the basement...including his horse on a stick (forget what those are called)... I have two boxes of books in the attic, all his artwork, some of it on my wall and in my husband's office and in my office(clay figures). I find match box cars buried in the yard, trucks on the shelf in the garage.... We finally got rid of his first and 2nd bike, still have his choo. Do you think i need to move on? (He's going off to college next year I hope.)

Unknown said...

That was choo choo train. And I have the little bells i tied in his shoes in a bowl in the kitchen.

Ali said...

How fast it goes by. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy it while it's here.