Monday 1 October 2007

A genetic inability to make brownies

Scene: The Car. We are driving. Again.

I could just eat a brownie. Right now.

Well, you won't find one at home
because I'm rubbish at making brownies.
They always taste disgusting.
It is because we didn't have brownies when I was a child.

So am I.
The last ones I made didn't cook for ages.
They were supposed to take 30 minutes in the oven
but when I looked after 45 minutes
they were still all runny.
Like slurry.

Was the temperature right?
Did you preheat the oven?
Were you using the fan oven or the conventional oven?

Shocked silence

The last brownies I made were awesome.

What recipe did you use?

It was a box. A big red box.


blackbird said...

Ah ha!
You see - the big red box is the ONLY way to go for the brownies of your dreams.
I knew that.

dottycookie said...

So, when is he making the next batch?

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the day when MasterM can cook the Christmas lunch will all the trimmings (not including brownies).

That will sort the men from the boys - not that I am remotely capable of cooking Christmas lunch myself of course.

Anonymous said...

Personally I favour Betty Crocker either that or a drive to Holt and having chocolate brownies in Byfords.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Brownies from a box are pretty great! Mr M will be making more soon, yes? Happy Day...hopefully soon eating brownies ((HUGS))

alice c said...

MasterM only cooks in Another Woman's Kitchen. Sadly.
So we do not know how good the brownies really were because they did not make their way back to ChezMagpie.