Thursday 11 October 2007 new favourite colour

The thing about autumn is that you cannot look away

You cannot turn your back

You cannot wait until tomorrow

Because tomorrow it might rain

or the wind might blow.

Autumn will not wait for you.


dottycookie said...

Beautiful, Alice.

It has been quite gorgeous here today - lots of Chinese lanterns glowing in the sunshine!

Unknown said...

That is so true! Ours has lasted longer than usual. I am just about to take my walk with Max. I've walked just about every day this month and enjoyed it immensely. Beautiful photos.

ginny said...

Hi alice
Beautiful bright photos.. lovely to see.. we've had a bit of a dreary weather here today. I much prefer it crisp and dry at this time of the year. Thank you for your kind comment..i think i must waste lots of time finding new blogs.. i am just really fascinated and inspired by other peoples lives and creativity. I never put the telly on these days and usually have to fight my husband for the computer.. he's working late tonight so i've been flicking through esty and have left him a note of a wee print i would love to own. The tangents you can go off on when 'blogging' or 'surfing'.. well in ways mimic my chaotic darting mind.
Alice and i love your blog and your style. Especially your humour..your posts always make us smile. I have found myself looking for flowering ivy and i had also forgotten the ending of the Piano...
Have a great weekend.