Monday 8 October 2007

Progress Report

1. A nice cup of tea
it's a good start to any list

2. Plant some bulbs
daffodils, tulips, anemone, iris, allium

3. Indulge in some retail therapy
dark blue winter aster for the dining room table

4. Watch MasterM play rugby
there is nothing like seeing your son score a drop goal
I suppose Mrs Wilkinson feels like this all the time

5. Take Poppy for a walk somewhere without exclusion notices
quiet woodland paths

6. Cook Roast Chicken
and we had cauliflower cheese, my favourite

7. Be nice to MrM - at least once.
I am sure I was
especially when he discovered
that his delight at the victory
of England over Australia
was dented slightly

Not me, this time, fortunately.


Mary said...

Hi - I am so sorry for not responding to your visit sooner - I was looking at an old post to see who wanted photos of what in Paris and then saw your comment - for which thank you.

And now I have discovered your lovely blog and look forward to reading your archives...


Mary said...

OK now I am back - having cooked dinner and read your archives.

Two things - Howard Spring - you are the only person I have come across who reads Howard Spring - I love Howard Spring - almost as much as Elizabeth Goudge. And maybe RF Delderfield.

Second thing - rugby - congratulations on England's win. I join J on Thursday for a couple of weeks in France which will now be perfect since he won't be quite so obsessed with Australia out.

I suspect - if I might be so bold - that you are a kindred spirit.......

blackbird said...

oh that last bit is often me...

Anonymous said...

Glad you accomplished your list. Feeling any better? Hope so!

carrie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me -- enjoy!

dottycookie said...

All added up to a lovely weekend I suspect. Tiny Small and I planted much the same selection of bulbs - and then she kicked over the flowerpots so we started again. Ho hum.