Wednesday 31 October 2007

Just in case...

I found this book in a charity shop.

I thought that I would share it with you

because if you are thinking of sending me a posy

I would prefer to have Calla Aethiopica
or Camellia Japonica, White

And you will know not to choose Cardamine.

I'm sorry about the colour of the picture with text
I had to adjust the midtones so that the words were legible
but it has made it whiter than it should be.
The original is a fabulous cream colour.
I will try again this evening.


BreadBox said...

Those books are wonderful: there is a similar one on the language of handkerchiefs! Amazing how subtle a message could be conveyed by something as simple as a bouquet of flowers!


Anonymous said...

I think your fans will have to include some Cacalia, MrsM.

tess said...

now I will be neurotic next time someone gives me flowers as to what they mean, hang on who am I kidding, no one gives me flowers...

did you scan the pictures?

Anonymous said...

Kate Greenaway illustrations, yes? Sooo lovely.I've always loved those language of flowers books...Although, so of the meanings are a bit of a puzzler! Happy Day ((HUGS))

blackbird said...

I'll remember.

Because of your layout, I found myself reading your apology as poetry.
It was lovely.

dottycookie said...

I have never seen Cardamine. At least I don't think so. Perhaps I have had bunches and bunches of insults and never realised ...