Thursday 11 October 2007

At least I remembered the piano...

Have you seen 'The Piano'?
Did you enjoy it?
Do you remember what it is all about?

This is what I remembered:
1. Attractive scenery
2. Beautiful music
3. Mysterious woman playing piano on beach

And that is all.
Nothing else. At all.
As I have already admitted, my memory is appalling.

But in the basis of these three things
I felt qualified to recommend it to MissM
"It is a marvellous film.
Absolutely marvellous.
You will LOVE it."
so we all sat down to watch it together.

This is what I had forgotten:
1. Heroine is mute (crucial to plot)
2. Steamy scenes of adultery (crucial to plot)
3. Dramatic and shocking climax (should be unforgettable)

I feel despair.
What happens when I watch a film?
Does the information go in through my eyes
and out through my ears?
Did I fall asleep for the last 95% of the film?

I pretend that I can remember it all
and try not to look surprised
at each unexpected twist to the story.
But it all goes wrong at the very last moment.
"Oh! No! Look what he is going to do!"
MissM looks at me and I know that
her worst suspicions have been confirmed.

So my conclusion is that
film recommendations
are not the way forward for this blog.

One more thing:
I plan to watch 'Titanic' again soon...
if you know the ending don't spoil it for me.


Anonymous said...

Actually I'm quite prone to falling asleep during a film, especially at the cinema, I think that might well be the reason I love films so much.

dottycookie said...

Hmmm, I can't remember the ending at all now. I still like the music, and my extremely talented brother in law has been teaching me how to play very short snippets of it - literally 3 phrases. Makes me feel very arty though.

Bother. I may have to rent that one again now.

Unknown said...

The Piano was one of my favouite movies. I loved it. And it is like the first movie I have ever seen to show a full frontal of a man. Another favorite Harvey Keitel movie is called HOLY SMOKE with Kate Winslet, but that is definately an adult movie as well because of mature themes and similar episodes as in THE PIANO. Feast of Love (currently out) has a lot of nudity as well. Don't recommend as a mother daughter flick either.

Ali said...

I loved that film - remember a bit of wife battering, but could be wrong! See, we're all a bit prone to plot-loss.

alice c said...

MrM muttered under his breath something about bigger things crawling out of cabbages. It was all very cryptic

carrie said...

OH, blackbird made me choke on my M&M!!! That was ALL I remembered about the film!

Titanic is a bit tamer though, if memory serves me . . . enjoy!