Sunday 28 October 2007


I have a secret passion for cauliflowers.
I love the cool creamy colour.
The squeaky green leaves with their frilly edges.
The snap of the stems.
The fresh smell.

If only everyone else in the family felt the same way.

When I lay in front of them a bowl of Cauliflower Cheese
with a perfectly browned, crisp top
and a faint smell of bay leaves
they turn their heads away and say in martyred tones:

"Why, why do we ALWAYS have Cauliflower Cheese."

I think I might run away
and set up a community on a Hebridean island
where I could live in harmony with like-minded souls.

On reflection,
it might become a bit boring
worshipping cauliflowers.


Unknown said...

No don't do that come to Taunton instead and cook it for me - I never refuse cauliflower cheese :o)

Ali said...

But just think, there aren't many gods you can eat when they cease to be relevant.

tess said...

when it came to eat the cauliflower gods you could vary the menu:
creamy cauliflower and stilton soup, velvety creamy cauliflower puree, curried cauliflower birianni,
it's no good I need to go and cook dinner, I'm getting hungry thinking about food!

Unknown said...

Actually, it sounds very nice (but I would be hard pressed to interest anyone under 18 to eat it). I like driftwood's suggestions...might be fun to live on a Hebridean island and live with like-minded souls. (Isn't that the definition of Heaven?) I doubt that you would ever be bored.

Curlew Country said...

Oooh you could come and cook it for my husband and he'd worship at your feet. I am sadly unworshipped because I think cauliflower niffs to high heaven. Poor lamb eats it raw.
What a fantastic, hilarious blog, just what I needed to read on a dreary Sunday. Brillo!

blackbird said...

Oh no it wouldn't. (be boring)
Because I'd be there.

dottycookie said...

Send it over here, I love cauliflower cheese. My children won't eat it either though - little heathens.

alice c said...

Welcome to ChezMagpie Steph! I'm not sure if I could cope with being worshipped...but I'm prepared to give it a try.