Wednesday 10 October 2007

On the Touchline

MasterM has been playing rugby
since he was 7 years old

To start with we stood on the touchline and shouted
"Run forward...keep going, keep going,
when you get to the line put the ball on the ground"

The first team that he played for was called Eccles Heroes
And he still knows some of the lads
that were in the team with him.

Through rugby he has made friends
that he will keep all his life.

He has travelled to South Africa and Australia
And the Isle of Wight.

He has a collection of thousands of autographs

And enough Twickenham tickets
to go all the way around his bedroom.

He has met people to admire
and learned sportsmanship and courtesy.

And he always has something
to discuss with his father.


blackbird said...

Switch out the word rugby for guitar at my house...

Anonymous said...

strum rather than scrum then ?

tess said...

what a great portrayal of your son! It's lovely to see children grow up with a passion for something, have positive role models and bond with their parents over mutual interests.

Unknown said...

Great pictures. I had a friend in college who played rugby. My son and i tried to go to a couple of games this summer because they have a rugby team here in town. The games were always rescheduled.