Friday 19 October 2007

Time Passes

There was a time when I knew the names of fungi

I attended lectures given by H.J. Hudson
and read the classic textbook

Ingold CT & Hudson HJ (1993) The Biology of Fungi.
Chapman & Hall, London.

I knew about gills and spores and mycorrhiza.

Now I have forgotten the detail

but I can still take pleasure
in the shapes, fragility and delicate colours.

It is - as MissM suggested - an example of transience.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! what is it about fungi that a whole 24 hours can pass without a single comment and yet one flower picture gets a flood of oohs and aahs.Is it a question of colour? At RM at this time of the year (well soon as we have had it so warm) I can count on at least ten varieties of fungi in the big field withe a whole range of colours from red through yellows to a variety of grey/whites.
Our crop of field mushrooms this year, which normally come in either July or better in September and occasionally both, has been a disappointment. We had a lot in July which,because of all the wet weather, got devoured by slugs before we could pick them. And very few in September, much to the disappointment of the local community who are now asking why I haven't brought any in to the village shop this year!

Unknown said...

What beautiful pictures, and they are fascinating. I hope sometime that you put all this into a book of some sort. There are businesses online that will put together something in hardcopy. I also loved your piece about the potato peeler. I am very particular about that tool myself.